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Food Waste Prevention Training

According to WRAP, one in every six meals produced by UK hospitality businesses ends up in the bin.

‘Waste Prevention Training’ has been designed for chefs, food buyers in hospitality and food service businesses and employees working in food service environments to help understand where and why food waste arises and calculate the costs of food waste to your business.

This course has been designed to ensure kitchen and food and beverage teams are able to calculate the costs of food waste to your business, understand where and why food waste arises in your business and how to prevent it. Delegates will also learn how to monitor progress and assess the impact of waste prevention programmes.

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Course Details

Divided into eight key topic areas, the course will:

  • Help participants identify the true cost of waste to the business
  • Build a graphic to demonstrate how waste arises in the business
  • Identify initiatives that will target and prevent/reduce that waste
  • Review waste prevention achievements of other businesses
  • Implement regular measurement and reporting systems
  • Set targets for waste prevention and reduction
  • Define KPIs that will work throughout the organisations
  • Build partnerships with other organisations to prevent waste (and potentially do good!)

The Outcome

On completion of the course, delegates will be equipped with:

  • An understanding of where waste arises and what they can do to prevent it
  • An estimate of how much they could save through waste prevention
  • An action plan to deliver savings
  • A set of KPIs that can be used to assess progress
  • A mechanism to embed waste monitoring and cost reduction into the business.

Course Delivery

‘Waste Prevention Training’ is delivered over the course of 4 hours with our partners at the Responsible Hospitality Partnership. The session is complete with course notes and refreshments and is supported by 14-days access to our online classroom.

Taking a practical approach, the course is highly interactive and consists of a series of worked examples, case studies and discussions.

This course can be adapted for the specific needs of your business - call us for a discussion 00 44 (0) 1202 842809 or email

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