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1 December 2017
TUCO HQ Manchester

HOTS Business Game for TUCO members

1 Dec 2017

HOTS Business Game Competition open to all TUCO members. Come and join in the fun with this highly interactive workshop!

HOTS is an online hotel business simulation which encourages experiential learning in a financially safe and fun environment.

The game can also be used as a:

  • teaching aid in universities and colleges for developing knowledge of hotel businesses particularly financial reporting and revenue management
  • team building activity with middle to senior managers
  • learning tool for hospitality students seeking to learn more about managing a hotel business operation and the interpretation of financial information
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Key Dates

1st December 2017

More details coming soon!

Entry Requirements


HOTS is ideal for those in supervisory positions and above seeking to gain a better understanding of strategic decision-making in a hotel environment and the impact on financial performance.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify the current problems in the hotel and devise strategies to tackle them
  • Develop and implement a business plan to achieve the targets set for the hotel
  • Set policies and allocate resources on a monthly basis to ensure that the hotel’s targets and goals are met
  • React appropriately to events in the market place

Extensive market research, as well as sales and financial reports passed on by the previous management, are available within the simulation to help participants in their decision-making and to provide an idea of the patterns of trade the hotel has recently experienced.

Organisations Involved

arena4finance is pleased to work with TUCO, the leading professional membership body for ‘in house’ caterers operating in the higher and further education sector. TUCO are committed to advancing the learning and developing of catering and hospitality teams, and work to provide quality standards, advice and information to those working in the sector.

TUCO is committed to driving the health and well-being agenda on behalf of its members, and is at the fore of sustainability best practice. The procurement team work to secure the best possible value in all framework agreements, demonstrated by purchasing volumes in excess of £100m per annum. For more information visit here.

Session Details

arena4finance is licensed to offer HOTS courses for Universities and industry. Whilst working with leading subject matter experts, the participants will develop their knowledge of managing a large scale hotel operation over a simulated period of up to 2 - 5 years. This takes place over a period of 1 - 3 days in a classroom style session. The performance of the hotel is evaluated throughout using financial and non-financial factors in a balanced scorecard format, giving participants the opportunity to analyse the cause and effects of the decision-making process in a financially safe environment.

The tool has been designed so that participants have the opportunity to make decisions concerning:

  • Strategy Planning
  • Finance Operations
  • Revenue Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Care
  • Environmental Management

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